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do you hear something by TriffRaff
do you hear something
In the forest of Vistallah, a very large Lamina--dare we say, a Laminaconda?--stalks her quarry.  Almost silently, she slithers forward, making no more noise than the rustling of the autumn leaves.  Still, that might be enough to warn an experienced woodsman.  Will he notice her before she strikes?  Or will it come a surprise when the snake woman suddenly envelopes him?
the chores of autumn by TriffRaff
the chores of autumn
One of the many giantesses of Vistallah helps a peasant with prepare for autumn.... 

Why is she doing this?  Well, perhaps its because the peasant who would normally gather the hay has worn himself out doing something for her, and this is her way of paying him back....

....Ug.  Her head is totally out of scale with the rest of her  Wish I would have seen that before inking and coloring occurred...
whats the big idea by TriffRaff
whats the big idea
One little guy, two very large girls....And an earnest discussion of what is about to happen next.

I invite the commenters to provide that discussion.  And maybe some context to image, if they so desire...
message from above by TriffRaff
message from above
"So, what do you think?  Sexy?"

"Scary is more like it..."

"Tee-hee, good.  I'm going to try on some of my skirts, I want you to see if there is any angle where you can still read this while I'm wearing them."

A modern-day giantess from the top of the beanstalk (…) has come up with a clever idea to have some fun at the expense of those at the bottom of the beanstalk!  Assuming the message can still be read from under her skirt.  Which is what she brought Jack up to test...
jack and the date from the beanstalk by TriffRaff
jack and the date from the beanstalk
"Jack, what are you doing down there?  Why aren't you dressed for the Fall Formal?"

"Because.....You said you didn't want to go to the dance with me."

"No, that's not what I said.  If you recall, you specifically asked me if I wanted you to take me to the dance, and I said 'no' to that.  I mean, that'd be ridiculous, you taking me anywhere in that silly little car yours..."

"So, you do want to go to the dance?"

"Pft.  Obviously.  Just go grab the best clothes you've got, you can change in my purse on the way...."

A follow up to an earlier picture:….  Conceptually, a modern retelling of the story of Jack and Beanstalk.  But instead of stealing the goose-that-lays-the-golden-eggs and chopping down the beanstalk, this retelling ends with Jack stealing the heart of the girl-with-the-golden-hair.....And basically, he ends up dating the giant's daughter.  A happy ending in its own way....

...The real mystery is how the giant's daughter (Jill?) managed to climb down the beanstalk while wearing that dress...
Welcome, one and all, to this art account.  It is not a serious account--as you will quickly discover--as it is devoted almost exclusively to the drawing of giant bimbos.  'Giant' in this case, being used in both the figurative and literal sense.  Like I said, not a serious account...

Well, after a great deal of undue frustration, I have a new, working computer.  And while I'm still getting used to the new machine's quirks, I think I'm finally in the position to get back to posting finished art!  So, look for it soon....

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