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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for all the recent well-wishes!

Second, I just want to let you know that I'm not dead, and neither is my muse.  Its just mostly dead.  Comatose, or frozen in carbonite or however you may describe it.  I just don't get inspired much these days.  I have some stuff I'll be posting soon, but not a lot.

So, that's about it.  And to everyone else, enjoy this silly, flirty gallery.


the great panty raid
It sounded like I was in luck.  Despite my little mishap at the mansion wall, there was still a chance I could make it to the target.  The big cat soiree was still in full swing in the great hall.  Which meant the bedrooms were nice and quiet and abandoned.

And ripe for the picking.  

With the skylight jimmied open I tied my grapple to a shingle nail and let down the rope.  Somewhere in the darkness, I heard a distant 'thwap' of it landing on a surface below.  It was too dark to be sure, but my contact had assured me that below me would Roxxanna's jewelry dresser.  His information had been right so far, so I took a deep breath and trusted the rest of it.

I had only dropped a couple of tail lengths when something changed.  The muffled sound of the distant party suddenly got a lot less muffled.  The realization froze my blood, a door had been opened.  A door from the great hall into one of the back rooms!

But that didn't mean someone was coming into this room.  There were a lot of back rooms in the mansion, and I was just in one of them.  Surely the big cats had a number of servants running their errands while they continued their party.   At least that's what I told myself as I tried to listen for footsteps.

Unfortunately, I didn't have to listen hard.  The footsteps were distinct, steady, and getting louder.  I really needed to get to safety.  But I couldn't climb very fast, and if I dropped my rope would still be there to give me away.  And that was assuming that I landed softly and didn't hurt myself while doing so.

I hadn't even finished thinking through my options the sound of another door opening and unmuffled footsteps filled the room.  The door was immediately slammed shut, which would have startled me had the room not flashed from nearly pitch black to brighter than midday.  To my disgrace, I froze in panic.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the light, I had a new reason to freeze.  Roxxanna was in the roof.  Half undressed, angry, and staring down at me.

"You'd better have a damn good reason for being in my room," she snarled.

I tried to open my mouth, but nothing came out.

With a sound of disgust, she tossed her crumpled dress--she must have pulled it off while I was still blinded and before she noticed me--on the chair behind her.  "And it had better not be to steal from me.  I've already had a bad enough night, watching my fiance getting licked by that singing slut in the middle of her song.  In front of everyone, and without a hint of apology."  The tiger almost seemed to forget about me as her eyes narrowed.  "I didn't come here to be part of some rich boy's pride...."  Alas, her attention quickly returned to me.  "And now, I see my room isn't even secure.  Or would you have me believe you're part of the house's help?"

Somehow, I couldn't bring myself to deny that.  "N--No," I stammered.

She nodded with angry satisfaction.  "So you're a thief, aren't you."  She gave me time to deny it, but I couldn't do it.  "Here to steal my jewels," she finished.

"No!"  That I could deny, out of desperation if not honesty.  "No, of course not!"

"So what did you come for?"  She prompted, apparently starting to savor my fear.  "I'm sure that satchel isn't for nothing."

"I...  Well..."  Its hard to think when staring death in the face.  Even harder when staring death in the breasts.  Breast that could mean death, if she got creative.  "Would...  Would you believe this is just a panty raid?"  It was lame, but it was literally the only thing that came to mind.

And it didn't look like she was buying it.  At least not initially.  After a terrifying second, the corner of her mouth turned up.  "A petty little bandit," she mused, "risking his life just to get a it of cloth from a rich and beautiful woman.  Its a pretty story,"  She turned and walked away, her tail swaying suggestively behind her.  "One that sounds a little too good to be believed..."  There was a click from the door, assumable from her locking it.  She turned back to me, her smile no genuine and unmistakable.  "But I could be convinced..."


....I don't typically draw anthro-characters.  I'm not terribly good at it.  Not at making the characters look sleek or pretty.  After I inked this drawing, I decided the tigress's head looked to scruffy, so I had to completely redraw the head and paste it on in photoshop.  And she's still not as sleek as other artists do...  Anyways, if I did draw antrhos more often, I would draw them in a world where each species existed in a scale relative to the real world.  So while the world would have raccoons and tigers living side by side, they would be doing so in a very.....unique way.
bad date at the big rave by TriffRaff
bad date at the big rave
Another oddly-sized couple at the same event as this picture:….  Alas, this couple is having a few problems while trying to act flirty with each other....
at the big rave
It may be difficult to dance with a giantess, but it can be done!  Provided she is willing to make certain unconventional accommodations for you....

If you wish, you can supply your own dialogue between the two
sizes of the witch height chart
A gallant noble draws his sword in service of a damsel.  Some miscreant has called this lady a witch.  Imagine:  leveling such a heinous accusation at poor, defenses, little--

--Large, young woman!  She may be inordinately tall, but that is no reason to suspect her of being a witch.  And surely her life has been difficult enough, standing out from her peers as she does, without having to answer such outrageous charges.

...Well, maybe the charge isn't quite so outrageous.  There's not much beside witchcraft that can explain such size.  But, still, this is evidence only that she is a witch of the lowest order.  Hardly worth worrying about.  And besides, she seems peaceable.  There's no reason to go about upsetting her, shouting accusations in the street...

Well, peaceable enough.  And she is focusing her attentions on her defender, rather than her attacker.  You can't fault her for that.

Okay, perhaps the noble was premature in calling her a witch 'of the lowest order.'  He may have also been premature in drawing his sword in her honor.  She seems quite capable of defending her honor on her own. 

...But she appreciates the gesture.

She greatly appreciates the gesture.  And a great witch shows her appreciation in great ways....

A giantess height chart, drawn just for fun.  The same girl drawn at seven different scales.  I really liked the idea (the seven scales, see below) but didn't have any good justification for it, nor a setting to put it in, so I threw in some witchcraft and drew away.

So, like I said, there are seven sizes shown here, and there is a specific way that one size relates to the next.  There is a pattern, if you will.  If one of you can identify and describe that pattern--describe the logic to the pattern--I'll draw another one of these.  Same pattern, but I'll let you pick the theme/characters.  Within reason, and within my ability...
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for all the recent well-wishes!

Second, I just want to let you know that I'm not dead, and neither is my muse.  Its just mostly dead.  Comatose, or frozen in carbonite or however you may describe it.  I just don't get inspired much these days.  I have some stuff I'll be posting soon, but not a lot.

So, that's about it.  And to everyone else, enjoy this silly, flirty gallery.

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Great work :D sorry I don't comment on everything individually, but I really do enjoy your pieces sir.
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Very impressive realm you have here. You wouldn't mind if I involved your world and its fine female races in some of my future pics, would ya?
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Eh, if you want to draw them, sure....
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Ah excellent, thanks! And I'll be sure to give you credit for it.
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Hi do you mind if me and a friend do fanwork of your races

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Eh, if you want, sure.
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Thanks which of the races you created are your favorites?
TriffRaff Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
Eh, probably the Wood Nymph.
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